Relation between Precipitation Behavior of Mo, V and Nb and Yield Strength in Normalized and Tempered Steel
焼ならし焼もどし鋼におけるMo, VおよびNbの析出挙動と降伏強さの関係

1978 Tetsu to hagane  
Synopsis: The changes in the precipitation behavior of alloying elements and the yield strength due to normalizing and subsequent tempering of 0.15% C-1.4% Mn steels containing small amounts of Mo, V, Nb and Ni have been studied. The results are as follows: (1) The addition of any two or all of Mo, V and Nb to steel exhibits a synergistic effect on the increase in yield strength of normalized-tempered steel at room and moderate temperatures. (2) The amounts of Mo, V and Nb as precipitates
more » ... se by the coexistence of these elements in steel, compared to the simple sum of the amounts of precipitates in steels having any one element. (3) Fine precipitates of Mo2C and more frequently those of NbC and V4C3 were detected through electron microscopic analyses. Peculiarly shaped precipitate likely composed of twokinds of precipitates was also observed in steels containing Mo, V and Nb. (4) The increase in the cooling rate from normalizing temperature and the addition of Ni contribute to the increase in the amounts of Mo and V precipitated by tempering. This effect is attributed to the increase in the percentage of bainite structure after normalizing which has many dislocations and can prepare precipitation sites during tempering.
doi:10.2355/tetsutohagane1955.64.14_2177 fatcat:if2uis4p4fhchby44hcrdrs4hm