Letter relative to the Kraken

1790 Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh  
L'amy, Esq; one of the Justices of Peace for the county of Forsar, and Mr John Guild, one of the Magistrates of Dundee, inclosing an affidavit made before them, of Jens Anderson, master, and Mads Jenson, mate of a Norwegian ship, relating to the appearance of a supposed kraken or sea-worm, on Sunday, August 5. 1786. about 15 leagues to the eastward of the coast of Scotland, in north latitude 56.16. The appearance was that of three low islands or sand-banks of a grayish colour, within less than
more » ... , within less than a mile's distance from the ship, and extending about three miles from the one extremity to the other. It remained in sight about fifty minutes, and upon the springing up of a breeze, gradually funk into the water. The account contains no further particulars worthy of notice, and is perfectly confident with the idea of this being nothing more than a fog-bank, of which the appearances are familiar to mariners.
doi:10.1017/s0080456800004294 fatcat:i4wcetj4jnfr3lhompfcrko3fq