Machtfelder in der Psychotherapie (Teil 2): Formen, Wirkungen und Anwendungen

Gerhard Stemberger, Leibniz Institut Für Psychologische Information Und Dokumentation (ZPID)
Abstract: This second part deals with possible applications of Lewin's concept of powerfields to the field of psychotherapy. To this end, three topics are first discussed: First, the appearance and effects of power fields in the client's life; second, the power fields in the psychotherapeutic situation and relationship; and third, two questions concerning the interaction between power fields in everyday life and in psychotherapy (the reflection of power field experiences in the
more » ... he psychotherapeutic situation and the transfer of what has been worked out in therapy into the client's everyday life). A short classification and discussion of the presented transfer of the powerfield concept to the psychotherapeutic field of application concludes the article: The article discusses that, for example, psychoanalysis and Perls' Gestalt therapy also deal with the topic of induced values and behavior, but in a different, monopersonal framework and with different conclusions. Theoretical and practical advantages of the field-theoretical approach are briefly named and put up for discussion. The paper is accompanied by an appendix "Working with powerfields" and an excerpt from a paper by Kurt Lewin in which he analyzes a story of Tolstoy from the perspective of his theoretical concept of powerfields.
doi:10.23668/psycharchives.4379 fatcat:llb2o333yfh63prcrgeky4p4he