2020 The Journal of International Educational Sciences  
Considering the increase in the awareness of the significance of foreign language learning in our country as in the other countries, increased mobility to foreign countries and yearly increase in the need for a work force that knows a foreign language in many sectors, foreign language teaching has been prioritized all the more. Most of the students who attend foreign language lessons from primary schools to higher education institutions cannot learn a foreign language at a sufficient or desired
more » ... satisfactory level. Foreign language learning is the acquisition of communicative competence, the main function of a language, and application of the things that have been learned, namely, developing the skill of doing things via the language learned. Considering these facts in mind, the inadequacy of foreign language success is more obvious. The students who are initially willing and participating deal with problems based on grammar and mechanical solutions over the years, and after they start to handle learning English as a foreign language like a mathematical problem that is solved by means of formulas, their interest in English lessons decreases and their level of success goes down respectively. In this study, Communicative methodology, Studentcentred activities are introduced in detail for the purpose of English learning effectively and the activities that increase success are emphasized. Besides it was expressed that the two methodologies, which are the communicative methodology and student-centred activities, may be used to increase students' motivation positively.
doi:10.29228/inesjournal.42233 fatcat:fsc6xgedafcq7fdxhirkle7z6i