EngagedScholarship@CSU The Impact of Substance Abuse Training and Support on Psychologists' Functioning as Alcohol and Drug Counselors THE IMPACT OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE TRAINING AND SUPPORT ON PSYCHOLOGISTS' FUNCTIONING AS ALCOHOL AND DRUG COUNSELORS

Yvona Pabian, Yvona Pabian, Elizabeth Welfel, Justin Perry, Joshua Bagaka's, Kathryn Maccluskie, Ed, Michael Horvath, Joshua Bagaka's, Kathryn Maccluskie, Ed, Michael Horvath
2003 unpublished
Dedication I dedicate my dissertation to my amazing mother, Maria Tomaszewska, whose work ethic has always inspired me to work hard and do my best. I am forever grateful to my mom for always believing in my potential and abilities, and for her unwavering encouragement and support through my journey toward obtaining a doctoral degree. Furthermore, I dedicate my dissertation to my wonderful grandmother, Jadwiga Tomaszewska, for her warm-heartedness, love, and support and to my grandfather, Karol
more » ... grandfather, Karol Tomaszewski, for instilling in me the value of education and perseverance. Moreover, I dedicate my dissertation to my late father, Janusz Pabian, whose intelligence, confidence, good will, and hard work have always served as an inspiration to me. Finally, I dedicate my dissertation to all the persons who have been touched by Substance Use Disorder. It is my hope that this study will make a contribution toward improving substance abuse treatment. Acknowledgment I wish to express my deepest appreciation for the support and guidance of my Dissertation Chair, Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel, Ph.D. with whom I have worked for the past ten years, both in my Master's and Doctoral program. I wish to thank Dr. Welfel for all the time and attention that she has given me, which has significantly contributed to my professional growth. I also wish to thank my Methodologist, Justin Perry, Ph.D. for his time and effort in guiding me through the data analysis process. I am also very grateful to the rest of my committee