Age Prediction using Image Dataset using Machine Learning

Gender is a central feature of our personality still. In our social life it is also an significant element. Artificial intelligence age predictions can be used in many fields, such as smart human-machine interface growth , health, cosmetics, electronic commerce etc. The prediction of people's sex and age from their facial images is an ongoing and active problem of research. The researchers suggested a number of methods to resolve this problem, but the criteria and actual performance are still
more » ... adequate. A statistical pattern recognition approach for solving this problem is proposed in this project.Convolutionary Neural Network (ConvNet / CNN), a Deep Learning algorithm, is used as an extractor of features in the proposed solution. CNN takes input images and assigns value to different aspects / objects (learnable weights and biases) of the image and can differentiate between them. ConvNet requires much less preprocessing than other classification algorithms. While the filters are hand-made in primitive methods, ConvNets can learn these filters / features with adequate training.In this research, face images of individuals have been trained with convolutionary neural networks, and age and sex with a high rate of success have been predicted. More than 20,000 images are containing age, gender and ethnicity annotations. The images cover a wide range of poses, facial expression, lighting, occlusion, and resolution.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.l1020.10812s319 fatcat:23fotbgiwvfnhaib755ubaaryi