Relativistic Two-Body Bound-State Calculations Beyond the Ladder Approximation [chapter]

Taco Nieuwenhuis, J. A. Tjon, Yu. A. Simonov
1994 Few-Body Problems in Physics '93  
In this work the Feynman-Schwinger representation for the two-body Greens function is studied. After having given a brief introduction to the formalism, we report on the first calculations based on this formalism. In order to demonstrate the validity of the method, we consider the static case where the mass of one of the particles becomes very large. We show that the heavy particle follows a classical trajectory and we find a good agreement with the Klein-Gordon result.
doi:10.1007/978-3-7091-9352-5_42 fatcat:x43qopgrefd5rdunwj3bjgz2si