Orthogonal Expression of Metabolic Pathways [thesis]

George McArthur
iv v This dissertation is dedicated to my lovely wife CHRISTINA NOELLE who holds my hand in life and who has already made many of my childhood dreams come true and to my fantastic parents ROSIE and GEORGE who first encouraged me to dream and who gave me the tools to realize my dreams vi vii Acknowledgments As with life, working toward and earning a PhD is not something one can truly do on his own. I have been shaped and will continue to be shaped by those around me -and I am incredibly thankful
more » ... incredibly thankful to have been blessed by the family, friends, colleagues and mentors who have helped make me into the person I am and who have urged me to accomplish my goals. This is especially true of my wife and my parents and I am deeply thankful for them. The work described in this document was enabled by many people and funding sources. I am grateful for the plasmid DNA that I have received as gifts from members of the synthetic biology community: pSB1C3 from the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, pJ401--RFP from Travis Bayer, pAC--LYC (and strain EcHW2f) from Harris Wang and the synthesis of pGM--O--RFP was paid for by Jean Peccoud. Oligonucleotides used to build out the promoter libraries were paid for by a NASA grant to Stephen Fong. viii ix Dissertation Committee
doi:10.25772/85sh-5v31 fatcat:dlqeraudtfgofeftakt37r5uwq