A Novel Artificial Bee Colony Approach of Live Virtual Machine Migration Policy Using Bayes Theorem

Gaochao Xu, Yan Ding, Jia Zhao, Liang Hu, Xiaodong Fu
2013 The Scientific World Journal  
Green cloud data center has become a research hotspot of virtualized cloud computing architecture. Since live virtual machine (VM) migration technology is widely used and studied in cloud computing, we have focused on the VM placement selection of live migration for power saving. We present a novel heuristic approach which is called PS-ABC. Its algorithm includes two parts. One is that it combines the artificial bee colony (ABC) idea with the uniform random initialization idea, the binary
more » ... idea, and Boltzmann selection policy to achieve an improved ABC-based approach with better global exploration's ability and local exploitation's ability. The other one is that it uses the Bayes theorem to further optimize the improved ABC-based process to faster get the final optimal solution. As a result, the whole approach achieves a longer-term efficient optimization for power saving. The experimental results demonstrate that PS-ABC evidently reduces the total incremental power consumption and better protects the performance of VM running and migrating compared with the existing research. It makes the result of live VM migration more high-effective and meaningful.
doi:10.1155/2013/369209 pmid:24385877 pmcid:PMC3872427 fatcat:ofz4rsgki5e4jipd3w5lpdtmv4