Enhancement of orbital ordering and spin polarization by controlling the dimensionality of the octahedra network

Mingqiang Gu, Kang Wang, Yiming Wang, Qiyun Xie, Hongling Cai, Guo-Ping Zhang, Xiaoshan Wu
2016 npj Quantum Materials  
Two-dimensional (2D) systems have been widely investigated with perovskite superlattices because they show excellent epitaxy. A challenging question is naturally raised: whether lower dimensionality, e.g., one dimension (1D) and zero dimension (0D), can be achieved by perovskites? In this work, we propose a way to control the dimensionality of the octahedra network in perovskite superlattices by selecting the substrate orientation and superlattice period. Taking SrTiO 3 /SrRuO 3 as an example,
more » ... O 3 as an example, we demonstrate that the 1D structure is in a 1D Ising state, which is paramagnetic, while the 0D structure is ferromagnetic insulator with fully saturated magnetic moment on the Ru sites. New phenomena in the magnetic and electronic properties are observed, including large strain response, half-metallicity, and orbital-selective quantum confinement effects.
doi:10.1038/npjquantmats.2016.11 fatcat:bhzil6upqze2dcdjt3npvzhrcm