Rechazo deseoso: la música y el resentimiento desde la vida dañada

Jéssica Raquel Rodeguero Stefanuto
2019 Bajo Palabra  
This text aims to discuss the following hypothesis: in the context of damaged life, songs with a claim to autonomy, which accept contradictions and what is not identical and that, therefore, have the potential for criticism and human formation affect the listeners and are capable of producing rejection. From the Critical Theory of the Society, it is argued that the rejection is also desirous, because we are very violently deprived of formation. Thus, it is concluded that the damaged life builds
more » ... a relationship of resentment between the listeners and the music with pretensions of autonomy, which becomes dangerous in the face of the few training possibilities that remain in the contradictions.
doi:10.15366/bp2019.21.008 fatcat:befjroc3czdbph45g6haosjeym