On the manufacture of chloride of sulphur

J. Carter Bell
1882 The Analyst  
This substance is now largely used in manufaohring what is called "indiarubber substitute," and though there is a considerable demand for this article and it is sold by the hundredweight, yet any oue consulting the chief works upon chemistry, or the price Iist of some of our largest dealers in chemicals, would come to the conclusion that chIoride of sulphur could only be made in small quantities, and was thus a very expensive chemical to be used on the large scale, for in one list 1 see ths
more » ... list 1 see ths price is nine shillingB a pound, and in another list it is six shillings ; with large orders at the prices named, a manufacturer would Soon become a millionaire, for the cost of the manufactured article is about threepence apound. A friend of mine requiring about half a ton of chloride of sulphur, applied to me for assistance. I consulted all the best works, and they one and all gave the same process, that, of passing chlorine over melted sulphur in a retort ; this is very well if only a small quantity of chloride of sulphur is required ; if it has to be made by the hundredweight this process is impracticable. I therefore had to devise some method which would not require 80 much care and attention as the above. For simplicity, I will divide the " modus operandi " into three parts :-the generation of the chlorine ; drying the gas ; passing the chlorine into flowers of sulphur. Generation of the chlorine : I used a fifteen gallon clay vessel, which was made by the
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