Production of fish seasoning powder from snakehead meat (Channa striata) by applying Alcalase and Flavourzyme enzyme mixture

2020 ˜The œJournal of Agriculture and Development  
Fish hydrolysate was produced from snakehead meat by applying an enzyme mixture consisting of Alcalase and Flavourzyme with a ratio of 1:3; hydrolysis temperature 55oC; pH 6.5 - 6.9. The results showed that the ratio of enzyme mixture to fish meat of 0.2% and hydrolysis time of 26 h were the optimal hydrolysis conditions. Fish hydrolysate had highest peptide content (26.4 g/L) and nitrogen amino acid content (10.6 g/L), and lowest nitrogen ammonia content (0.257 g/L). Sensory score, protein
more » ... ent, recovery yield and moisture content of fish seasoning powder were 18.9; 17.1%; 42.5% and 4.88%, respectively by mixing radish solution and fish hydrolysate at the ratio of radish solution to fish hydrolysate of 25%:40% and drying at 60oC for 72 h. The product still remained good sensory quality. The moisture content and total aerobic bacteria of product were at acceptable level after 4 weeks stored at ambient temperature.
doi:10.52997/jad.6.02.2020 fatcat:ooe3p6lv5vbihi3un25pzfzpjq