A study on audience perception of minority design image

Jing Zeng
2017 Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Humanities Science, Management and Education Technology (HSMET 2017)   unpublished
Minority elements of visual communication design is not only a form of national symbols, is a powerful way to expand the boundaries of ethnic culture cognition, for minority cultural heritage, ethnic elements of visual culture survival need to rely on the migration effect of art design to provide the original driving force, but also easy to design effect suffered the negative transfer of culture. This article focuses on the migration phenomenon of minority cultural design elements, analyzes the
more » ... ments, analyzes the academic deviation of contemporary minority elements design sense to attract limitations, correct the concept of cultural transfer, cultural orientation and based on ontology and audience, explore the development and utilization of minority discourse system, which aims to provide a reasonable and effective design elements of national culture in the way, reveal the essence of social service of minority students knowledge structure. Audience perception in the design of minority elements Minority element design is based on visual art form based on visual design behavior through minority symbol modeling activities to convey specific information, because contains the history of minority nationalities along the specific image passed down the spirit connotation and no real, therefore need to exert psychological effects on the object passed through the national culture transfer. Cultural participation is particularly common in national design elements, from the perspective of aesthetic perception of cultural information visual recognition effect, for the cultural participation of audience interaction study little, including minority design elements of the national cultural resources mining limited in the sensory attract category, easy to cause the vagueness of the visual cultural transmission. For example, handmade paper packaging design of Hani Hani terraced fields into the wave elements, went up to the feasibility of the design that seems to be no ground for blame from Central Asia to the Middle East and, in the Near East, handmade paper packaging design in the world are used to distinguish the paper products and terrace elements of power machinery in different [1], but this is just the reflection of the the product concept, not to play the effect of national culture communication output, instead of handmade paper packaging Zhuang "terrace" design will be the one and only "symbol and terrace Longji Zhuang lines" combined with "the paper" gimmick to beat a world famous talent shows itself, the Hani terrace landscape craft paper, successful occupation market. "Terrace lines" and "terrace lines" although not a sensory experience, but have the function of aesthetic design, the difference is that the former national cultural output is fuzzy, the latter in the "Zhuang Yuechengling mountain" description also implies the Chinese dragon worship cultural charm, people have seen a stable psychological expectations for the national design elements, which requires elements not only to meet the patterns, lines, texture image, direct group appearance of pleasure, "should also be integrated, refraction non logic, used in image experience psychological [2], migration phenomenon in promoting cultural vision in the transfer process. The design of the cultural elements of ethnic migration phenomenon occurs between the body and the receptor culture transfer through other elements will transplant specific national ideas, skills, aesthetic taste, etiquette and customs culture to design objects, promote mutual communication between different cultural audiences, and therefore not all cultural migration to be effective, the minority element in the design of cultural transfer phenomenon is a "positive transfer" and "negative transfer" points. Domestic academic research in the field of cultural transfer judgment is not clear, usually with "inadequate" cultural relevance of a short word, actually the most common ethnic elements of the design problem of our country is not lack of cultural relevance, but the existence of the relationship between the cultural information conversion fault "[3], such as modern interior
doi:10.2991/hsmet-17.2017.183 fatcat:4grw7o37zje7pd5jpswrlemwtm