Book Review: I. Theology and Philosophy: Dem Volke Muss Die Religion Erhalten Werden"Dem Volke Muss Die Religion Erhalten Werden". Rede zur Feier des Geburtstages Sr. Majestät des Kaisers, am 27 Januar, 1911, in der Aula der Kaiser Wilhelms-Universität, Strassburg, Gehalten von SmendJuliusDr., Ord. Professor der Theologie. Strassburg, 1911. J. H. Ed. Heitz. 32 Pages. Paper

1911 Review & Expositor  
Book Reviews 593 .It takes "New Thought" very seriously as indeed it must be taken in certain parts of our country. The author sees very sympathetically the good in a system-or temper-that has in it enough of value tto rnakeit a hindrance to the deeper, truer faith of God. At the same time, he sees the defects, limitations and delusions of the New Thought teaching. There is an historical and expository outline of the "movement" and then a criticism of its main items in conection with the
more » ... ion with the Christian truth as affected by each item. For those under the influence of New Tuoght, but not captives of its claims, this should prove a wholesome tonic. For those who know nothing directly of New Thought, but wish to learn of it in brief space, this book will serve the purpose better than any other. Of course Tor one who wants to get a fulI exposition of the teachings there are many volumes not only by Mr. Trine, but by other adherants of the new cult.
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