Siglec1-expressing subcapsular sinus macrophages provide soil for melanoma lymph node metastasis

Rohit Singh, Beom K Choi
2019 eLife  
Lymph nodes (LNs) are a common site of metastasis in solid cancers, and cutaneous melanomas show inherent properties of LN colonization. However, interactions between LN stroma and pioneer metastatic cells during metastatic colonization remain largely uncharacterized. Here we studied mice implanted with GFP-expressing melanoma cells to decipher early LN colonization events. We show that Siglec1-expressing subcapsular sinus (SCS) macrophages provide anchorage to pioneer metastatic cells. We
more » ... rmed in vitro co-culture to demonstrate that interactions between hypersialylated cancer cells and Siglec1 drive the proliferation of cancer cells. When comparing the transcriptome profile of Siglec1-interacting cancer cells against non-Siglec1-interacting cancer cells, we detected enrichment in positive regulators of cell cycle progression. Further, knockout of St3gal3 sialyltransferase compromised the metastatic efficiency of tumor cells by reducing α−2,3-linked sialylation. Thus, the interaction between Siglec1-expressing SCS macrophages and pioneer metastatic cells drives cell cycle progression and enables efficient metastatic colonization.
doi:10.7554/elife.48916 pmid:31872800 fatcat:awxrcbgrmzgynnpjpgnmusdxru