Analysing Heat transfer Augmentation using V-Jagged twisted tape

Uzagare, P Bansod, G Raisoni
2015 International Engineering Research Journal   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO The need to increase the thermal performance of heat exchangers, thereby affecting energy, material & cost savings have led to development & use of many techniques termed as Heat transfer Augmentation. Augmentation techniques increase convective heat transfer by reducing the thermal resistance in a heat exchanger. Turbulators-a type of passive heat transfer augmentation techniques have shown significantly good results in past studies. The proposed work is aimed at finding the heat
more » ... t finding the heat transfer performance in a circular pipe by employing V-Jagged turbulator& also results are to be compared with plain twisted tape turbulator. These tapes will be tested for different configurations of twist ratios. It is to be verified whether such types of twisted tapes increase the rate of heat transfer with increase in turbulence or if it effects the pressure drop.