Analysis of waste heat recovery technology of hot forging cooling system

Hui Chen, Chun-Hui Bai, Qi-Chen Ma, Tao Wang, Guo-Qing Nie, Zhi-Jun Shang
2017 2nd Annual International Conference on Energy, Environmental & Sustainable Ecosystem Development (EESED 2016)   unpublished
According to the production process of precision forging for blank parts, to investigate the feasibility that recovering the waste heat from forging process by heat pump technology. It has designed a new cooling system by the heat hump on the basics of analyzing the thermodynamic parameters and heat pump working principle, in addition to reducing the heat pollution caused by the cooling tower, the process waste heat is recovered. Counting the heat supply in the process of production and the
more » ... ing of the whole plant need according to the thermodynamic principles, on the basis of the above, it design a water supplying and heating system based on the heat pump. It is concluded that using heat pump technology to recover the waste heat in forging process is feasible. It put forward a scheme that the waste heat main rely on the reservoir, groundwater assisted under the premise of the waste heat recovery and meeting the requirements of process cooling water, getting the reservoir's volume is 450 m 3 .
doi:10.2991/eesed-16.2017.70 fatcat:mu5f4i7rvbdf3c5dnooxb4eq6u