Gold Nanoparticles from Ostruthin: Green Synthesis, a Stable Mechanism, Antitumor, and Antibacterial Activity

An Tran Nguyen Minh, Cuong Nguyen Van, Quang Nguyen Minh, Tri Mai Dinh, Alam Mahboob
2020 Revista de chimie (Bucuresti)  
The Ostruthin was extracted and identified its structure from rhizomes of Luvunga scandens located at Ta Cu Mountain, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam for the first time. Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) were synthesized by the green method. The AuNPs acted as antitumor against breast cancer cell line (MCF-7), human liver cancer cell line (HepG2), and Non-Small Cell Lung (NCI-H460). They showed the potential antitumor activity against MCF-7 with the IC50 value of 65.47�3.09 �M. The antitumor activity of
more » ... itumor activity of the AuNPs was also compared with the extracted constituents from the root of Luvunga Scandens in a previous article. The AuNPs were exposed to high antitumor activity against MCF-7 and Hep G2, human cancer cell lines. The AuNPs have also been tested the antibacterial activity and shown the moderate antibacterial activity on both Salmonella enterica and Bacillus subtilis at a concentration of 0.25 mM.
doi:10.37358/rc.20.8.8294 fatcat:wvqejy2ubbh3hffvc5cgvqk27q