Re-investigation of classic T cell subsets and identification of novel cell subpopulations by single-cell RNA sequencing [article]

Xuefei Wang, Xiangru Shen, Shan Chen, Hongyi Liu, Ni Hong, Xi Chen, Wenfei Jin
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
The relationship between single cell RNA sequencing Clustered-Populations (scCPops) and cell surface marker-defined classic T cell subsets remain unclear. Here, we interrogated 6 bead-enriched T cell subsets with 62,235 single cell transcriptomes and re-grouped them into 9 scCPops. Bead-enriched CD4 Naïve and CD8 Naïve were mainly clustered into their scCPop counterparts, while cells from the other T cell subsets were assigned to multiple scCPops. Interestingly, we discovered and named IFNhi T,
more » ... and named IFNhi T, a new T cell subpopulation that highly expressed Interferon Signaling Associated Genes (ISAGs). We further enriched IFNhi T by FACS sorting. IFNhi T cluster disappeared on tSNE plot after removing ISAGs, while IFNhi T cluster showed up by tSNE analyses of ISAGs alone, indicating ISAGs are the major contributor of IFNhi T cluster. BST2+ T cells and BST2- T cells showing different efficiencies of T cell activation indicates high level of ISAGs may contribute to quick immune responses.
doi:10.1101/2021.02.11.430754 fatcat:w7x5mg45hbbbdptwabjo4fxnxe