Potential of mixing aluminum shavings- cupola slag-mill scale to obtain a pozzolanic material by aluminothermy

Leidys Laura Pérez-González, Rafael Quintana-Puchol, Lorenzo Perdomo-González, Adrian Alujas-Díaz
2019 Minería y Geología  
Chemical and thermodynamic possibilities assessment of aluminum thermodynamic lamination process mill scale-aluminum shavings was made to modify the cupola slag in a pozzolan (SiO2: 70%, Al2O3: 23% and CaO: 7%) by electric arc, using limestone and silica sand. A reaction mixture was designed starting from 100 grams of cupola slag and maintaining the SiO2: Al2O3: CaO ratio equal to 10: 3.29: 1. The mass and energy balances are strategic premises to form the reactive mixture and calculating
more » ... d calculating synthesis time. Aluminothermy reaction provides the necessary alumina content and 46% of energy needed for pozzolan synthesis. The arc energy supply is 11195.87 J / g and gets a total reduction of the intermediate products of aluminothermy reaction. The oxide content of ternary system in synthesized pozzolan increased 23.53% respect to the cupola slag. The rest oxides of chemical composition are reduced 2.86 times from the cupola slag to the synthesized pozzolanic material.
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