1894 The Lancet  
905 LIVERPOOL.-NORTHERN COUNTIES NOTES by glasses, seems to me to be likely to give to the reader an imperfect idea as to my position on the subject. Your article appears to convey the impression that I have concluded that epilepsy can be cured by glasses alone. In no place have I stated this ; on the contrary, I have been careful to put forward the fact that medical treatment was continued. It may, however, be pointed out that in the eight cases of cure and relief, of which brief histories
more » ... brief histories were given, and also in others not given in detail, the patients had taken long cotlrses of bromide of potassium without apparent effect, and that their improvement dated from the time they commenced to wear their spectacles. I have simply added the correction of errors of refraction to the course of treatment pursued by the physician, and have given the results of this in my paper. I am convinced that the removal of such a source of irritation as an error of refraction will, in many cases, when combined with medical treatment, lessen both the number and the severity of the attacks. As yet there are no sufficient data as to the results of treatment by glasses gvitkoitt drugs, and therefore no opinion on this point can be offered. I am, Sirs, yours truly, Harley-street, , March 3 lst, 1894. H. WORK DODD.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)40098-5 fatcat:tebpjgagvzea3ginqbmr42rwqe