Crosscutting quality attributes for requirements engineering

Ana Moreira, João Araújo, Isabel Brito
2002 Proceedings of the 14th international conference on Software engineering and knowledge engineering - SEKE '02  
The above discussion highlights the need to include crosscutting quality attributes as fundamental modelling primitives at the requirements level. The motivation for this is essentially to provide improved support for separation of crosscutting quality attributes during requirements engineering, hence offering a better means to identify and manage conflicts arising due to tangled representations. This helps to reduce complexity by promoting traceability and reusability, benefiting the system's
more » ... iting the system's adaptability and evolvability. ABSTRACT Quality attributes are usually integrated with functional requirements at the later stages of the software development process. One of the reasons is that the current approaches fail in dealing with the crosscutting nature of some of those attributes, i.e. it is difficult to represent clearly how these attributes can affect several requirements simultaneously. Since this integration is not supported from requirements to the implementation, some of the software engineering principles, such as abstraction, localization, modularisation, uniformity and reusability, can be compromised. What we propose is a model to identify and specify quality attributes that crosscut requirements including their systematic integration into the functional description at an early stage of the software development process, i.e. at the requirements stage.
doi:10.1145/568784.568790 fatcat:7cr2gg3srjauldl7rvjf6n32w4