Partial Disorder in an Ising-Spin Kondo Lattice Model on a Triangular Lattice

Hiroaki Ishizuka, Yukitoshi Motome
2012 Physical Review Letters  
Phase diagram of an Ising-spin Kondo lattice model on a triangular lattice near 1/3-filling is investigated by Monte Carlo simulation. We identify a partially disordered phase with coexistence of magnetic order and paramagnetic moments, which was unstable in two-dimensional Ising models with localized spins only. The partial disorder emerges in the competing regime between a twosublattice stripe phase and three-sublattice ferrimagnetic phase, at finite temperatures above an electronic phase
more » ... ration. The peculiar magnetic structure accompanies a charge order and develops a gap in the electronic structure. The results manifest a crucial role of the nonperturbative interplay between spin and charge degrees of freedom in stabilizing the partial disorder.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.108.257205 pmid:23004651 fatcat:mfvoa5ch4vcjtaxeii4mx2u77y