Immediate implants placed into central incisors sockets: a surgical and prosthetic two years follow-up

George Miguel Spyrides, Silvana Marques Miranda Spyrides, Tayane Holz Resende, Elson Braga Mello, Osmar Agostinho Neto, Jeter Bochnia Ribeiro
2017 Brazilian Dental Science  
<p>The authors present a complete surgical and prosthetic case report of a 50-year-old male patient who lost the element 11 by periodontal disease, and during the phase of provisional restorations of the elements 12, 11, 21 and 22 had the element 21 fractured in domestic accident. The roots of the elements 11 and 21 suffered extraction and were replaced in the same act by a conic osseointegrated HE implant measuring 18 X 4 mm and graft of synthetic hydroxyapatite with a three months gap between
more » ... the two surgical procedures. Six months after the second extraction with replacement of the root of the 21 element by an implant, four individual metal-free ceramic crowns were placed on the elements 12, 11, 21 and 22, two tooth-supported (12, 22) and two implant-supported on custom abutments of zirconia (11, 21), which fully rehabilitated the function and esthetics of the patient with the regeneration and maintenance of bone level and gingival papillae between the elements, due to the strict respect of the biological distances between the individual parts, with monitoring and photographic, radiographic and tomographic documentation previously, during and after the surgery, twenty eight months after the installation of the implant of the 21 element and twenty-one months after the cementing of the four crowns. The authors and the patient signed the Free Informed Consent Form for the presentation of the case which was submitted in accordance with the standards of CONEP.</p><p> </p><p><strong>Keywords</strong></p><p>Maxillary sockets; Immediate implant; Periodontal failure; Incisor fracture.</p>
doi:10.14295/bds.2017.v20i4.1401 fatcat:n3nr5u6p2zalzlr26huesvfvry