Detection of some species of lice and ticks infestation on local buffalo in Mosul city

B. AL-Lahaibi, A. AL-Taee
2019 Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences  
The current study included examination of 1525 buffaloes from (11) districts in Mosul city for detection of lice and ticks. Results showed that the total percentage of lice infestation was 48.63%, particularly blood sucking lice Haematopinus tuberculatus. Buffaloes reared in Al-Shalalate and Al-Kabate showed 100% lice infestation, sucking lice H. tuberculatus was diagnosed by thorax plate which was rectangular with the presence of anterior process on each side. The length of male was 3.5-4 mm
more » ... ile the length of female was 4.5-5 mm. Total tick infestation was 49.1%, with a heights percentage of 80% was noticed in Al-Kabat. Three species of hard ticks were identified, namely Hyalomma anatolicum, Boophilus annulatus and Rhipicephalus sanguineus. H. anatolicum was diagnosed by the following characteristics: half circular capitulum; chilecera consist of 3 long pieces, bifurcated first coxa, breathing plate is comma shape, festoon is present with the presence of 2 sub anal plates project out of the body. In R. sanguineus, the capitulum is six angled with short mouth parts. The first coxa was bifurcated with presence of festoon. Breathing plate was comma shape. In B. annulatus the capitulim was six angled with short mouth parts. The first coxa was triangular in shape with short legs and absence of festoon while the breathing plate was oval or rounded in shape.
doi:10.33899/ijvs.2019.153876 fatcat:3zyeziiygzbjjgt7k3xjphkaa4