An Unusual Finding of Double Fused YShaped Loop of Ansa Cervicalis and its Clinical Significance

Shilpi Agarwal
2016 International Journal of Anatomy Radiology and Surgery  
The ansa cervicalis (AC) is a neural loop formed by union of superior root derived from ventral ramus of C1 through hypoglossal nerve and inferior root derived from ventral rami of C2 and C3. The aim of this case report is to emphasize the anatomical description and surgical importance of a rare variation of AC owing to its closeness with major vessels and nerves of neck. An unusual double fused Y-shaped loop pattern of ansa cervicalis was observed on the right side of the neck of a 50 years
more » ... ck of a 50 years old male cadaver in which the inferior root had separate C2 and C3 components. The C2 component joined the superior root of AC to form the Y-shaped superior loop. The stem of the superior loop joined the ventral rami of C3 root to form the inferior loop. Knowledge of variations in origin, course and pattern of distribution of ansa cervicalis is important since the branches of ansa cervicalis are often chosen for laryngeal reinnervation of the laryngeal muscles following recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy and also to avoid iatrogenic injuries during surgical procedures of the neck. During routine dissecton as a part of undergraduate teaching schedule, we observed a double loop pattern of ansa cervicalis (AC) on the right side of the neck of a 50 years old male formalin fixed cadaver. On the left side, no such variation was found in the ansa cervicalis formation.
doi:10.7860/ijars/2016/17466.2131 fatcat:67skpqebivdinfhexg6z6u2rgm