Cross sections for (p,n) and (d,2n) reactions on /sup 79/Br and /sup 127/I: An evaluation of literature and model calculated results [report]

R.G. Lanier, M.G. Mustafa, H.I. Jr. West
1989 unpublished
Ihii is .in iiifiirmjl rt'porl intended primjrilt fur inUrndl or lirmkd ixlirnal disfi jluitjiin I hi opinions jnd riiiulu 'fin*, stauu a i iHim tit Ilu duthmr jnd ni*^ in llliv li«l Ln Ihnst ot the Liknrjlim V\ K DepjrhiH'iil nf I ni rjn b\ Mio 1 iv\ivmt 1 iw'J"ni<»r* Sjltnnjl i ihnrjliiii undi r Crnilrjrt W 74(S I nj>--18 ABSTRACT We have evaluated (p,n) and (d,2n) cross sections on ' 9 Br and 127 I, and made these cross sections available for test diagnostics. We believe that these interim
more » ... oss sections are of reasonable accuracy and should be used for diagnostic interpretations until more precise measurements can be made. Our evaluation consisted of a literature search and an examination of the available experimental data. These data were supplemented by statistical model calculations using both th r ; 5TAPRE and ALICE codes. We found reasonably good measured data (from threshold to the peak of the excitation function) for the (p,n) reaction on both '"t$r and I. The literature data for the (d,2n) reaction on I is questionable and no data were found for the (d,2n) reaction on 79 Br. We have, therefore, relied comf the (d,2n) cross sections for both 79 Br and 127 I. reaction on 79 Br. We have, therefore, relied completely on calculations for DISCLAIMER
doi:10.2172/6454239 fatcat:tlhsnl5w2vh37pg4cnvtlgtjai