The influence of sex and age on the deposition of L-xyloascorbic acid in tissues of guinea-pigs

R. E. Hughes, P. R. Jones
1971 British Journal of Nutrition  
I. Young male and female guinea-pigs of similar age and male guinea-pigs of various ages were given daily oral supplements of vitamin C (L-xyloascorbic acid) (AA) on a body-weight basis for periods of 10-15 d and the resulting concentration of AA in several organs was determined. 2. There was no difference between the sexes in the concentrations of AA in the adrenal glands and spleen. The concentration of AA in the spleen, adrenal glands and eye lens was significantly lower in older animals,
more » ... n older animals, and in brain it was significantly higher than the corresponding values for the young guinea-pigs. 3. The tissue deposition after oral administration of AA for 10 d was compared with that resulting from intramuscular injection of the same quantity of AA over 10 d in males aged 60 d, males aged 500 d and females aged 500 d. In the 60-d-old guinea-pigs intramuscular injection raised the concentration of AA in the spleen and adrenal glands 35 yo and 50 % respectively above that resulting from oral dosing. In the older guinea-pigs (5ood) the corresponding values were 108 % and 127 % respectively. It is concluded that reduced gastrointestinal absorption is, at least in part, responsible for the low AA concentrations in certain organs from older guinea-pigs. In the 500-d-old guinea-pigs there was no significant difference between the AA levels in the spleen, adrenals and brain of the two sexes, but AA level in the lens of females was significantly lower than that in males, irrespective of the mode of administration of the AA.
doi:10.1079/bjn19710065 pmid:5539295 fatcat:hrkw6vxc4zeyteap2lm475wy2e