Analysis of Competency and Export Mechanism of the Chinese Seaweed to Japan

YinPing BAI, Hidenori SHIMA, Masaaki SANO, Yoshiaki SAKUMA
Journal of Regional Fisheries  
Compare to Korea, Chinese seaweed products entered the Japanese market later. But export volume expanded rapidly in the last two decades. In 1996, China exceeded Korea in seaweed export and the Chinese seaweed has accounted for more than 50% market share in Japan. There has been a debate that the competitive advantage of Chinese fishery industry is from the cheaper labor. In Chinese seaweed industry, this is also true to some degree. In this report, it discusses the organizing mechanism of the
more » ... hinese seaweed from internal organization structure and the relationship between the industrial production chain and the competency of seaweed companies. From the perspective of industrial operating chain, this report investigates the operating status, organizing, system and regulations of the Chinese seaweed export industry. The investigation focuses on the city -Dalian, which is one of the main seaweed production bases in China. The companies included in this investigation are state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, limited enterprises and foreign companies. Through study these four types of enterprises, this report tries to find out the fact of organizing and the source of competitive advantage.
doi:10.34510/jrfs.47.1_43 fatcat:aubirjlggrhlli5dokwrft4dga