Change of Peptides and Free -Amino Acids Contents during Nanjing Dry-Cured Duck Processing

Shuai Shi, Ying-lin Lu, Xing-lian Xu
2017 International Journal of Environmental and Agriculture Research  
In order to explore the relationship between the change of peptides and free-amino acid (FAA) and its unique flavour, Dry-cured duck samples of different processing phases were used to study the change of free-amino acid by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) in this paper, meanwhile the trichloroacetic acid precipitation method for modeling use to establish the quantitative predicated peptides. The changes of small peptides and free amino acids in the process were studied. The
more » ... studied. The results showed that the level and amount of proteolysis increased with the processing time at traditional technology, meanwhile the amount of peptides were positively correlated with FAA contents (R 2 =0.86).
doi:10.25125/agriculture-journal-ijoear-nov-2017-1 fatcat:fedb7nw57fhdvj7wyjm3ztjl6a