Exploring Malaysia Military Warehouse Practice

The Department of Defense has a very large and complex distribution for its supply system. To store all their goods, they need to set up a very good and organized warehouse for every army unit from different places. The establishment of a Military warehouse is solely to support the military need which contradicting the commercial warehouse which profit is the motivation to maintain competitiveness. As such, there is limited innovation in this operation that leads to inaccurate data recording,
more » ... ss items, and real-time management. This study aims to investigate the process of military warehouse management and identify the gap for the future improvement of military warehouse management. A framework has been developed to illustrate the model of efficient military warehouse management. A qualitative study was adopted using a focus-group interview to investigate the subject research. A focus group interview is appropriate due to the nature of the research that expletory by nature. The study revealed that budget constraint has led to the lack of innovation that affects the efficiency of military warehouse management. A framework of military warehouse management was developed to provide an insight on internal and external forces that contribute to the new style of management in managing the military warehouses.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.b9048.129219 fatcat:k53p2lagerd4phtloqlcwckqiy