Medical Image Encryption Scheme Based on Multiple Chaos and DNA Coding

Joshua C. Dagadu, Jianping Li, Emelia Opoku Aboagye, Faith K. Deynu
2019 International Journal of Network Security  
The combination of chaos and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) coding for image encryption in recent times has proven to provide robust security for images. In this paper, an encryption scheme based on multiple chaos and DNA coding is proposed for gray scale medical images. The chaotic tent map is used to generate chaotic key stream and the logistic map is used to randomly select DNA encoding and decoding rules. The chaotic key and the plain medical image are first encoded into DNA sequences. A
more » ... ed DNA algebraic operation (addition/subtraction/XOR) is carried out between the plain image DNA sequence and the key DNA sequence; the outcome is then decoded to obtain the cipher image. The process is carried out both on row and column bases to achieve a robust cipher. The initial experimental results show that the scheme demonstrates strong resistance against diverse forms of attacks.
dblp:journals/ijnsec/DagaduLAD19 fatcat:56jprigujzerbhqkbgux4gauxy