Zoran Pandilov, Andrzej Milecki, Amadeusz Nowak, Filip Górski, Damian Grajewski
ANNALS of Faculty Engineering Hunedoara-International Journal of Engineering   unpublished
a free-access multidisciplinary publication of the Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara 1. Abstract: This paper deals with virtual modelling and simulation of the complex CNC machine feed drive system. The first phase of our research was modelling of the very complex structure of the CNC milling machine feed drive which consists of many elements (position, velocity and current control regulators, actuators, mechanical transmission elements, etc.). All these elements have great influence on the
more » ... ne tool important parameters like movement stability, positioning accuracy and dynamic stiffness. The modeling was done with Matlab-SIMULINK and Matlab-Sim Scape Toolbox software. The Matlab-Sim Scape Toolbox allowed us to use the complete CAD model of the geometry of the machine tool in modeling and automatically calculating the selected properties. The influence of changing and optimization of several feed drive parameters (position loop gain Kv, proportional gain Kp of the velocity controller, integral gain of velocity controller-Tn, electrical drive time constant Te, total moving mass m, sampling period Ts, etc.) on positioning accuracy and dynamic stiffness were simulated, tested and validated. The ready Matlab-Simulink and Sim Scape models were initially visualized in the Matlab program. They were very simplified, comparing with their later visualization in Virtual Reality EON Studio program.