Skip List Data Structure Based New Searching Algorithm and Its Applications: Priority Search

Mustafa Aksu, Ali Karci
2016 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Our new algorithm, priority search, was created with the help of skip list data structure and algorithms. Skip list data structure consists of linked lists formed in layers, which were linked in a pyramidal way. The time complexity of searching algorithm is equal to O(lgN) in an N-element skip list data structure. The new developed searching algorithm was based on the hit search number for each searched data. If a datum has greater hit search number, then it was upgraded in the skip list data
more » ... ructure to the upper level. That is, the mostly searched data were located in the upper levels of the skip list data structure and rarely searched data were located in the lower levels of the skip list data structure. The pyramidal structure of data was constructed by using the hit search numbers, in another word, frequency of each data. Thus, the time complexity of searching was almost Ө(1) for N records data set. In this paper, the applications of searching algorithms like linear search, binary search, and priority search were realized, and the obtained results were compared. The results demonstrated that priority search algorithm was better than the binary search algorithm.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2016.070220 fatcat:37hh3bdbwzb2fcsw256uczi5ye