Automatic generation of NC-code for hole cutting with in-process metrology

T.R. Kramer
6th IEEE Conference Record., Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference  
A new method to mill flat-bottomed circular holes with more accurate diameters has been added to the data preparation software for the Vertical Workstation of the Automated Manufacturing Research Facility at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This software already had the capability to generate NC-programs automatically for cutting two-and-a-half dimensional parts. Additional design functions, a new process planning function and a new NC-code generating function have been added
more » ... to the software to implement the new method. The new cutting algorithm uses a touch probe to measure the diameter of the semi-finished hole during the cutting process. The radius used to finish cut the hole is then changed from its nominal value by an amount equal to the difference between the nominal and measured values of the radius of the semi-finished hole.
doi:10.1109/imtc.1989.36818 fatcat:kwc6m5k5hvd53l425s6z62yl5a