Propanephosphonic Acid Anhydride (T3P®) - A Benign Reagent for Diverse Applications Inclusive of Large-Scale Synthesis

Vommina Sureshbabu, T. Vishwanatha, Nageswara Panguluri
2013 Synthesis (Stuttgart)  
Propanephosphonic acid anhydride (T3P ® ) is a prevailing coupling and dehydrating agent with many desirable properties which render it a reagent of choice for a plethora of reactions and, befittingly, its application in organic synthesis is rapidly increasing. Since its introduction as a peptide coupling agent in 1980, the realm of applications of T3P has expanded. Currently its use is found in a broad range of reactions, including condensation, functional group transformation, heterocycles
more » ... paration, rearrangements, and catalysis. It offers several advantages over traditional reagents, such as high yield, chemical and optical purity, broad functional group tolerance and easy work-up. The reagent is attractive for large-scale synthesis as well, and particularly so for multi-kilogram scale preparations of drug molecules. This article reviews the hitherto reported applications of T3P as a reagent in organic synthesis. Focus is also placed on the use of T3P for large-scale synthesis. Recent Applications 6 Conclusion
doi:10.1055/s-0033-1338989 fatcat:pzvqkmsxkzdrren3qhmuk7qzse