Study of the deposition process of vinpocetine on the surface of porous silicon

A.S. Lenshin, Yu.A. Polkovnikova, P.V. Seredin
2016 Results in Physics  
Currently the most prospective way in pharmacotherapy is the obtaining of nanoparticles involving pharmaceutical substances. Application of porous inorganic materials on the basis of silicon is among the main features in solving of this problem. The present work is concerned with the problem of the deposition of pharmaceutical drug with nootropic activity -vinpocetine -into porous silicon. Silicon nanoparticles were obtained by electrochemical anodic etching of Si plates. The process of
more » ... ine deposition was studied in dependence of the deposition time. As a result of the investigations it was found that infrared transmission spectra of porous silicon with the deposited vinpocetine revealed the absorption bands characteristic of vinpocetine substance.
doi:10.1016/j.rinp.2016.06.008 fatcat:wimls4ewinfyhceadcsjoc7aka