The Relation between the Ideal and the Practical in the Kindergarten Programme

Luella Palmer
1908 The Elementary School Teacher  
Every individual is living out, each moment, his own view of the relation between the ideal and the practical, between ultimate purpose and immediate necessity. Unrest comes from the constant changing of relationship necessary to growth. A quiescent state in individuals, in groups, in institutions, would show deterioration, for the elevation of the ideal with the consequent adjustment of the practical is the activity which indicates the expanding of life. The relation between the ideal and the
more » ... the ideal and the practical in the kindergarten programme is therefore not a static condition; yet if it is a valid relationship, it must be based upon the same principle as that relation in the world at large. In this paper it will be assumed that the relationship is one of unity, not identity, that both are aspects necessary for reality, the ideal being the power, and the practical the means, by which the potential becomes actual. Every act which rises above the threshold of an impulsive or an instinctive action, is by its very nature ideal-practical. It implies in varying degrees that there is a purpose, that the immediate action is not left on the plane of the present, but is lifted somewhat toward the possibility of the future. Except with the pessimist, it implies the attitude which learns from the past, and which interprets by faith, believing that the future will excel the past by the help of the present. In attempting to define the position held toward the relationship between the ideal and practical in the kindergarten programme, it will be well to seek in the past for that which will aid in leading toward the goal mapped out by far-sighted inter- 25
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