Nutritional Advice for Patients with Melasma in Iranian Traditional Medicine

Mahdis Mojtabaee, Roshanak Mokaberinejad, Samira Adhami, Parvin Mansouri, Mohammadreza Rahbar
2016 Journal of Skin and Stem Cell  
Melasma (called Kalaf in Iranian traditional medicine) is a common acquired hypermelanosis that affects sun-exposed areas of skin. Several factors including exposure to sunlight, pregnancy, and endocrine diseases increase the risk for Melasma. In traditional medicine, antecedent philosophers and physicians have tried to understand the nature and mechanisms of different systems of the human body for the diagnosis and management of Melasma; they have offered different solutions for it. This study
more » ... for it. This study is important since Melasma is a disease causing mental side effects in patients, due to darkness and opacity of the skin; therefore, the treatment of Melasma in terms of its psychological complications is of particular importance. In addition, texts of Iranian traditional medicine contain a wealth of nutritional advice for patients with Melasma. These texts have, until now, not yet been reviewed. The present study has considered the most important references of Iranian traditional medicine texts. Objectives: The objective of this study was to extract and categorize the nutritional advice of Iranian traditional medicine texts for the treatment of Melasma. Results: Dietary recommendations, not only for treatment but also for prevention of diseases and staying healthy, are very efficient. Conclusions: Based on the traditional medicine texts, it is helpful to avoid Soda-producing food as well as to identify appropriate food in order to eliminate the accumulation of Soda or black bile from the blood. This study offers a set of analytical and clinical research on food, which in traditional medicine is called Soda-producing as well as Soda reducing.
doi:10.5812/jssc.42722 fatcat:v6ihoabrobbzzpflcpb2lujlcy