Selective encryption and scalable speech coding for voice communications over multi-hop wireless links

J.D. Gibson, A. Servetti, H. Dong, A. Gersho, T. Lookabaugh, J.C. De Martin
IEEE MILCOM 2004. Military Communications Conference, 2004.  
With the rapid deployment of wireless LANs and the future development of mobile ad hoc networks, multi-hop wireless communications links are expected to become much more common. How to achieve reliable and efficient, yet secure, voice communication over such multi-hop wireless links is an important issue. This paper proposes and investigates a combination of scalable speech coding and selective encryption for secure voice communication over multi-hop wireless links that addresses both the
more » ... ent use of network and node resources and security against unwanted eavesdroppers. It is shown that when the Shannon lower bound is satisfied with equality for rate distortion optimal scalable coding, transmission of the enhancement layer in-the-clear provides no information regarding the core layer. A specific example of combining selective encryption with MPEG-4 scalable speech coding demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of the approach.
doi:10.1109/milcom.2004.1494903 fatcat:rusgmjkdbzfm7ku4a3bbfudrbm