SHEsisPlus, a toolset for genetic studies on polyploid species

Jiawei Shen, Zhiqiang Li, Jianhua Chen, Zhijian Song, Zhaowei Zhou, Yongyong Shi
2016 Scientific Reports  
Currently, algorithms and softwares for genetic analysis of diploid organisms with bi-allelic markers are well-established, while those for polyploids are limited. Here, we present SHEsisPlus, the online algorithm toolset for both dichotomous and quantitative trait genetic analysis on polyploid species (compatible with haploids and diploids, too). SHEsisPlus is also optimized for handling multiple-allele datasets. It's free, open source and also designed to perform a range of analyses,
more » ... haplotype inference, linkage disequilibrium analysis, epistasis detection, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and single locus association tests. Meanwhile, we developed an accurate and efficient haplotype inference algorithm for polyploids and proposed an entropy-based algorithm to detect epistasis in the context of quantitative traits. A study of both simulated and real datasets showed that our haplotype inference algorithm was much faster and more accurate than existing ones. Our epistasis detection algorithm was the first try to apply information theory to characterizing the gene interactions in quantitative trait datasets. Results showed that its statistical power was significantly higher than conventional approaches. SHEsisPlus is freely available on the web at Source code is freely available for download at
doi:10.1038/srep24095 pmid:27048905 pmcid:PMC4822172 fatcat:duy72254frflxobcr7hieqwfoa