Cache coherence requirements for interprocess rendezvous

Russell M. Clapp, Trevor N. Mudge, Donald C. Winsor
1990 International journal of parallel programming  
Multiprocessors in which a shared bus is used by the processors to communicate with common memory are an emerging class of machines where there is a need to support parallel programming languages. A language construct that is found in a number of parallel programming languages to support synchronization and communication in the interprocess rendezvous. Shared-bus multiprocessors require a protocol to keep the date in their caches coherent. There are two major categories of these protocols:
more » ... idation and write-broadcast. This paper examines the requirements for cache coherence protocols to support efficient interprocessor rendezvous. The approach taken is to examine the memory referencing patterns to the run-time data structures during rendezvous execution. The appropriate coherence protocol is shown to be a function of the processor scheduling strategy used by the run-time system at synchronization points during the rendezvous. When processes migrate freely as a result of the scheduling strategy, invalidation protocols are found to he more eff• When migration is restricted by the scheduler, write-broadcast protocols are more efficient.
doi:10.1007/bf01407863 fatcat:y4haqyuxjjh35ekizislt3eu24