Color-Aware Packet Marking Based on H.264AVC Coder Extensions for Improved Video Quality

Slawomir Przylucki
2014 Image Processing & Communications  
In recent years there is a noticeable trend to implement the video transmission systems based on shared IP networks. At the same time new generations of video codecs such as H.264 are used in industrial installations. This situation forces the need for consideration of methods for efficient video transmission in industrial networks such as surveillance, identification and control systems. The first part of the article discusses the features of modern video codecs, relevant to the streaming
more » ... cations. Attention is focused on the extensions of the H.264 standard that increase the error-resilience, particularly Data Partitioning (DP) and Flexible Macroblock Ordering (FMO). Next, the principles of prioritization of the video traffic based on the DiffServ architecture is discussed. In this context, separated section presents in detail the rules for packets marking which enable appropriate forwarding the video data. This information is referenced to current recommendations and technical standards. Next the performance of several classical packet marking algorithms and their possible modifications using FMO- and DP-based errorresilience configurations of H.264 are verified in simulations.
doi:10.1515/ipc-2015-0017 fatcat:m25m4lf3qjfv3oodkx2tgwhowi