New Antifungal Microbial Pigment Applied to Improve Safety and Quality of Processed Meat-Products

Hatem Ali Salama, Ahmed Noah Badr, Manal F. Elkhadragy, Ahmed Mohamed Said Hussein, Ibrahim Abdel-Salam Shaban, Hany M. Yehia
2021 Microorganisms  
Minced meat is involved within numerous products, where their color attributes are affected by consumer preferences. This study was aimed to ameliorate processed meat color, using a microbial red pigment. Antibacterial, antifungal, citrinin-free, and toxicity of pigment were determined. Meatballs and burgers were manufactured using pigment at 3 mg/g of meat. Texture, color, shelf life extension, and organoleptic properties were estimated for treated meats. Results were expressed by a real
more » ... crobial for pigment, even via several extracting systems. The MIC and MFC of pigment were 320 µg/g and 2.75 mg/g media, respectively. Bioactive components of pigment were detected using the GC–MS and the FTIR apparatus. The bioactive carbohydrates include oligo and polysaccharides were manifested with real curves. Secretion of ochratoxin A and aflatoxins in fungal media receives pigment was decreased by up to 54% and 45%, respectively. The presence of bioactive carbohydrates may trap mycotoxin out of the recovered amounts. The manufactured products were enhanced for their color and taste with fine texture changes. The shelf life of colored-frying meat was recorded by an extension compared to the control. In conclusion, the results were recommended microbial red-pigment implementation in meats manufacturing for ameliorating recorded of color, as antimycotoxigenic, and shelf life extension.
doi:10.3390/microorganisms9050989 pmid:34064305 fatcat:fdn26pls2bdoxpyztto62wkxwe