Four-fermion interactions and the chiral symmetry breaking in an external magnetic field

Wei-jie Fu, Yu-xin Liu
2017 Physical Review D  
We investigate the chiral symmetry and its spontaneous breaking at finite temperature and in an external magnetic field with four-fermion interactions of different channels. Quantum and thermal fluctuations are included within the functional renormalization group approach, and properties of the set of flow equations for different couplings, such as its fixed points, are discussed. It is found that external parameters, e.g. the temperature and the external magnetic field and so on, do not change
more » ... the structure of the renormalization group flows for the couplings. The flow strength is found to be significantly dependent on the route and direction in the plane of couplings of different channels. Therefore, the critical temperature for the chiral phase transition shows a pronounced dependence on the direction as well. Given fixed initial ultraviolet couplings, the critical temperature increases with the increasing magnetic field, viz., the magnetic catalysis is observed with initial couplings fixed.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.96.074019 fatcat:izrain57ybgfffwr6hj3cihm7e