Living Abroad

Qingshuo WEI
2016 Hyomen Kagaku  
When I was in middle school, my father told me that I should go as far as I can and this has encouraged me until now. My hometown Guizhou is in Southwest China. I stayed there until I was 17 years of age after that I went to Beijing to continue my studies. Luckily, I was offered a chance to study in the Department of Chemistry at Peking University, one place I never dreamed of when I was a child. It might be a cultural aspect, but more than half of the students in the Department of Chemistry at
more » ... ent of Chemistry at Peking University study abroad after finishing undergraduate school. Most of them go to US because of the better education quality and, perhaps more importantly, because of the financial support from US graduate schools. Most students start preparing for English assessment tests such as GRE from the first year onward to be admitted to a US graduate school. Everyone followed the same path and even I followed my friends without further considerations. This process turned out to be pretty important and, at least, my English improved. Then, the September 11 attacks took place during my sophomore year and this attack shocked the world. This largely affected the students who wanted to study in US. For security reasons, getting a student visa became very strict as background checks took a very long time. Several students
doi:10.1380/jsssj.37.459 fatcat:kbhby5q335brfmny36fqas7bie