Driving performance of novice and experienced drivers in lane-change scenarios [dataset]

Guihua Yang, Beverly Jaeger, Ronald R. Mourant
2006 PsycEXTRA Dataset   unpublished
Using a virtual reality driving simulator, the behavior of 12 novice and 12 experienced drivers was recorded during three right-to-left lane-change scenarios. The first scenario had no vehicles in the left lane, the second had one rear-approaching vehicle in the left lane, and the third had three vehicles approaching from the rear left lane. Each lane-change maneuver was composed of 1) a preparatory period, 2) the actual steering initiative from the right lane to the left lane, and 3) a
more » ... e, and 3) a post-lane change period and was to be accomplished while maintaining a specified highway velocity. Lane deviation data showed that novice drivers had significantly more variance in lane position during the preparatory and post-lane change periods than experienced drivers. Novice drivers also spend significantly less time looking at the vehicle's speedometer and mirrors. This study suggests that virtual reality driving simulators may be useful in helping novice drivers acquire the skills necessary for safe lane change maneuvers.
doi:10.1037/e577802012-009 fatcat:ou7iceqzt5cgfaavfhhdismftm