Bioactivities of Adina cordifolia (Roxb.) Hook. f. - growing in Bangladesh

Faiza Tahia, Md Al Amin Sikder, Md Abdullah Al-Mansur, Mohammad A Rashid
2019 Bangladesh Journal of Botany  
A total of three compounds were isolated from the methanol extract of bark of Adina cordifolia (Roxb.) Hook. f. growing in Bangladesh and characterized as isoscopoletin (1), umbelliferone (2) and β-sitosterol (3) by analysis of high field NMR spectral data as well as co-TLC with authentic compounds. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of different extracts of bark of A. cordifolia was evaluated against three Gram positive and Gram negative pathogenic bacteria. The carbon tetrachloride
more » ... uble fraction showed the lowest MIC value (7.81 μg/ml) against Sarcina lutea as compared to 1.25 μg/ml for ciprofloxacin. The crude extract demonstrated significant antidiarrheal, hypoglycemic and peripheral analgesic activities at 200 and 400 mg/kg body weight in mice. On the other hand, the crude extract of bark of A. cordifolia revealed mild central analgesic activity.
doi:10.3329/bjb.v48i2.47672 fatcat:n6rwhkbgpzef7arrddy65inyua