Active Power Control of Hydraulic Wind Turbines during Low Voltage Ride-Through (LVRT) Based on Hierarchical Control

Chao Ai, Guangling Zhou, Yalun Wang, Wei Gao, Xiangdong Kong
2019 Energies  
To improve the power grid adaptability and low voltage ride-through (LVRT) capability of hydraulic wind turbines (HWT), an LVRT control method based on hierarchical control is proposed for the energy regulation of HWT. The method includes a top-level machine-controlled paddle, mid-level control based on variable motor swash plate angle, and an underlying control based on throttle opening. To achieve multivariable coordinated control of the HWT via the control process, the minimum wind, maximum
more » ... nertial energy storage, and minimum energy consumption of the throttle valve of the wind turbine are optimized. The multiobjective control law is computed by a quadratic programming algorithm, and the optimal control law is obtained. The multitarget control strategy is simulated and analyzed by AMESim14 and MATLAB/Simulink R2014a software, and the control law is verified by a semiphysical test platform of an HWT. The results show that the proposed control method can effectively reduce the residual energy of the HWT during LVRT, reduce the impact on the generator, and improve the adaptability of the HWT.
doi:10.3390/en12071224 fatcat:xxlvfdntmrdjjbvhklfbwbtow4